Past Productions

1997 Les Liaisons Dangereuses 
1998 The Three Musketeers                                                                           NODA Regional Award for Excellence 1998
1999 The Scarlet Pimpernel                                                                      IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 1999 ; Nominated: Best Male Lead – Peter Seaton-Clark; Nominated Best Supporting Male – Andy Ball
2000 Sweeney Todd                                                                                           IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2000 : Best Play; Best Female Lead – Kim Dueck; Jeremy Irons Award for Best Young Actor – Nathaneal Kelly
2001 Bedside Manners 
  Tom Jones                                                                                                    IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2001: Nominated: Best Play; Nominated: Best Supporting Female – Kim Dueck; Nominated: Best Supporting Male – Mark Tuckey
  Don’t Lose the Place 
2002 Amadeus                                                                                                          IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2002: Best Play; Best Director – Nick Boyle; Best Male Lead – Bernard Meatyard; Best Supporting Male – Peter Stockman; Nominated Best supporting female – Anna Leigh Rose 
  Robin Hood                                                                                                      IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2002: Nominated: Best Play; Nominated Best Male Lead – Marc Phillips; Nominated Best Newcomer – Hannah Dueck
  Comic Potential                                                                                                IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2003: Best Female Lead – Anna Lee Rose
2003 Caught on the Hop 
  Far from the Madding Crowd
  One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest                                                                   NODA Southern Area Accolade of Excellence 2003-4                                 IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2003: Best Play; Best Director – Fiona Boyle; Best Female Lead – Kim Dueck; Best Male Lead – Peter Stockman; Best Supporting Male – Cameron Bowles
2004 The Vagina Monologues             £1,062 raised for V-day campaign 
  Treasure Island 
  Steel Magnolias                                                                                             NODA Southern Area Accolade of Excellence 2004-5
2005 Daisy Pulls it Off                                                                              IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2005: Best Director – John Higgs
  The Thieves of Malmby Hall                                                                           IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2005: Best Supporting Actress – Fiona Gwinnett
  Playboy of the Western World                                                          IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2006: The Brian Murphy Award for best newcomer – Gavin Jones; Best Supporting Male — Daniel Cawtheray
2006 The Vagina Monologues                £1,238 raised for V-day campaign 
  Stand and Deliver
  Murdered to Death
2007 A Day In The Death of Joe Egg                                                               IWCPress Amateur Theatre Awards 2007: Best Supporting Actress – Martie Cain; Best Play; Best Director – Fiona Gwinnett; Best Female Lead – Kim Dueck; Best Male Lead – Andy Ball
  Robin Hood at Robin Hill
  Canterbury Tales
  Journeys End
2008 A Chorus of Disapproval
  Wind In The Willows
  Robin Hood at Robin Hill
  Fates Thread & A Phoenix Too Frequent
2009 Secondary Cause of Death
  Old King Cole
  Robin Hood at Robin Hill
2014 Return of the Musketeers
2015 Trouble In Camelot